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Education system is a triangular phenomenon - curriculum, pedagogy and examination system. These three components are indispensable and mutually inter-linked. Apart from conduct of examinations, BISEs are also responsible to ensure provision of requisite facilities and conducive academic and learning environment in the affiliated institutions. Unfortunately, there is no such system of continuous reviewing, mapping, monitoring and evaluation of resources and learning environment against defined standards in core areas for overall improvement of educational system.

Evaluation of educational institutions is an integral part of the educational sector around the globe but is still a relatively newer notion in the Asian region (Grauwe & Naidoo, 2004). Pakistan is not an exception to it and there is extreme dearth of research literature at national level. Incomplete, obsolete and unreliable static information provided by the institution at time of affiliation are being used for various operational and policy decisions in future. In order to address this issue, there was dire need to identify important parameters constituting key core areas and readily availability of reliable and dynamic data for effective planning, decision making and public information.

The ranking is based on primary data collected by the field numerators and is dully verified by the respective head of institution, except the data of enrollment and examinations used from repository of FBISE. This ranking is the foremost attempt of its kind by the FBISE; therefore, readers are requested to share their feedback (comments/suggestions) electronically (chairman@fbise.edu.pk), if any, for further refinement. Detailed report is available at: https://www.fbise.edu.pk/Downloads/Ranking_detail.pdf