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SYLLABUS >> Secondary School Certificate (SSC-I)
Scheme of Studies, Syllabus and Model Question Papers
Scheme of Studies
Arabic (Syllabus)
Art and Model Drawing (Syllabus and Guidelines)
Art and Model Drawing (Model Paper)
Art and Model Drawing (Old Syllabus)
Civics (Syllabus)
Civics (Model Paper)
Clothing and Textile (Syllabus)
Commercial Geography (Syllabus)
Computer Science (Old Syllabus)
Economics (Syllabus)
Education (Syllabus)
Education (Model Paper)
Essential of Home Economics (Syllabus)
English (Literature) (Syllabus)
Ethics (Model Paper)
Ethics (Syllabus)
Food and Nutrition (CONTENTS)
General Mathematics (Policy Guidelines & Model Question Paper 2020 & Onwards)
General Mathematics (Syllabus)
General Mathematics (Model Paper)
General Science (Syllabus)
General Science (Model Paper)
General Science (Policy Guidelines & Model Question Paper 2020 & Onwards)
Geography of Pakistan (Syllabus)
Geography (Syllabus)
Health and Physical Education (Syllabus)
Islamic History (Syllabus)
Islamic Studies (Syllabus)
Islamic Studies (Model Paper)
Islamiyat (Compulsory) Single National Curriculum 2022 (Syllabus)
Islamiyat (Compulsory) (Model Paper & Syllabus)(Single National Curriculum 2022)
Islamiyat (Compulsory) (Model Paper & Syllabus)
Islamiyat Compulsory (Curriculum 2002)
Urdu (Compulsory) (Old Syllabus)
Applied Electrician  Curriculum  Model Paper
Applied HVACR  Curriculum  Model Paper
Basics of HVACR  Curriculum  Model Paper
Dress Making  Curriculum  Model Paper
Fashion Designing  Curriculum  Model Paper
Fundamentals of Cooking  Curriculum  Model Paper
Fundamentals of Cosmetology  Curriculum  Model Paper
Fundamentals of Esthemtics  Curriculum  Model Paper
Graphics Designing  Curriculum  Model Paper
Industrial Electrician  Curriculum  Model Paper
Internet Hardware Development  Curriculum  Model Paper
Internet Software Development  Curriculum  Model Paper
Introduction to Tourism  Curriculum  Model Paper
Media Production  Curriculum  Model Paper
Plumbing & Solar Water Heating System-I  Curriculum  Model Paper
Plumbing & Solar Water Heating System-II  Curriculum  Model Paper
Professional Chef  Curriculum  Model Paper
Tourism Management  Curriculum  Model Paper
Introduction to Hotel Management  Curriculum  Model Paper
Working Principles of Hotel  Curriculum  Model Paper
             Note: The question paper will comprise three sections:
        - Section-A 20% MCQs. It will be compulsory and collected after prescribed time.
        - Section-B 50% short answers questions.
        - Section-C 30% long/essay type questions.